Understand your genome. Help cure diseases. Own your data. Powered by the blockchain.

A Protocol for the Genomics Age

Pharma and biotech companies spend billions of dollars each year to acquire genomic data. Scientists need large genomic datasets to identify causes of disease and develop cures. However, growth of the genomic data market is hindered by small data quantities, data fragmentation, lack of data standardization and slow data acquisition.

Nebula Genomics will leverage blockchain technology to eliminate the middleman and empower people to own their personal genomic data. This will effectively lower sequencing costs and enhance data privacy, resulting in growth of genomic data. Our open protocol will leverage the genomic data growth by enabling data buyers to efficiently aggregate standardized data from many individuals and genomic databanks.


George Church, PhD


"Father of synthetic biology". Professor at Harvard Medical School and MIT. Inventor of next-gen DNA sequencing. Serial entrepreneur. Author. Featured in Time's 100 Most Influential People, National Geographic, and the Colbert Show.

Dennis Grishin


Boehringer Ingelheim PhD Fellow in Genetics and Genomics at Harvard University. German National Academic Foundation Fellowship. Master's in Computer Science from Harvard University.

Kamal Obbad


Harvard graduate. Google. Cambridge University computer science drop-out. Repeat biotech entrepreuneur. Gates-Cambridge Fellowship. Y Combinator Fellowship.

Armon Rahim

Growth Lead

Harvard graduate, Computational Biology at UCSF, Repeat Entrepreneur, Y Combinator Fellowship.

Kevin Quinn


Experience at Google, Amazon, and Counsyl. Undergrad and Grad degrees in computer science from University of Washington.


Mirza Cifric

Founding Advisor

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Veritas Genetics. Former CEO of AbVitro and head of Corporate Development at FORMA Therapeutics. More than $500M in successful exits.

Preston Estep, PhD

Founding Advisor

Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Veritas Genetics. Director of Gerontology and Director of Genome Sequencing at the Personal Genome Project. Harvard Medical School. Author.

Yining Zhao, PhD


Founding partner at Just. Co-founder at Veritas Genetics and managing director for Asia business. Formerly at Amgen and Pfizer. MBA from MIT.

Drew Volpe


Managing Partner at First Star Ventures. Investor and board observer at Sia (Siacoin). Co-founder and CTO of Locately - a mobile app focused on incentivizing users to volunteer location data for monetization. Harvard computer science graduate.

Joe Urgo


Founder of District0x and, a consultancy for leading Ethereum-based projects. Previously operations manager at Coinbase and trader at Three Arrows Capital.

D. A. Wallach


Recording artist, songwriter, investor, actor, and essayist. Investor and advisor to companies like SpaceX, Ripple, Emulate, and Spotify. Founder of Inevitable Ventures. Featured in La La Land, Jimmy Kimmel Live and the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

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